Become a Volunteer (CIT) at OVY Camp 2019!

Volunteers at OVY Camp are called CIT's, which stands for Counselor-in-Training. You do not have to be a former OVY camper to become a CIT at OVY Camp. 

You are eligible to be a CIT if you are at least entering into 10th grade next year.

CIT's play a crucial role in our week-long summer camp program. They are responsible for the safety and well-being of a cabin group, assisting Counselors during daily activities and games, supervising pool and mealtime, and facilitating a cabin skit. 

Being a CIT is a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding experience. CIT's learn invaluable leadership skills while making new friends and exploring the natural environment. Many CIT's have said that their week at OVY Camp was a life-changing experience. 

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in building their resume AND having fun at the same time. 

Also worth noting, many CIT's end up getting hired on as paid staff after gaining experience as a Counselor-in-Training.

Apply to be a CIT at OVY Camp 2019!

*We are only accepting online applications for the CIT position starting in 2019! Please create a profile on our online system, which will include the application questions. If you were a camper in 2018, you can use the same profile to apply as a CIT.

**Please choose all the sessions you are available to attend. Acceptance to a session is conditional on the completion and review of the application. If accepted, CIT's will be accepted to a maximum of 2 weeks. Thank you!

***If you are at least 18 years old and interested in becoming a paid-Staff of OVY Camp, please click here: Job Opportunities.

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I have grown as a leader…

"OVY Camp has considerably changed my life. My experience has taught me so many new things, in regards to the environment and in working with youth. I have gained more confidence within myself as a result of being a part of this peaceful community. I have grown as a leader, met amazing people, and have made memories that can never be replaced. Volunteering at OVY Camp has shaped my aspirations in life and has encouraged me to pursue a career that involves working and directing youth."